Cicero Gavar


Cicero grew up in the harsh streets where the lower classes of Ombre languished. Fortunate happenstances saw him secure a position among the Portieri, and as he rose to the elite rank of Inspettore, he became comfortable – until confronted by his brother, Cyrus, who championed freedom for the lower classes against the Masquerada. Cicero’s choices were to turn against the Masquerada, or kill his brother. Unable to make the call, Cicero was deemed a traitor to the Masquerada and was exiled from the Citte.

At the behest of the Vaorone, Cicero now faces an unwelcome return to Ombre to investigate the kidnapping of a certain Regenti. The Inspettore must rely on his sharp intellect and unparalleled proficiency in the Media to unravel the mysteries ahead of him…

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