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The codex is the place where you can find the information about the world and the people around you, not including the case files. Information is unlocked by either progressing the story, or by interacting with the purple pillars of light. While the entries are numbered, they rarely are unlocked in order, with only the entries under Kalden Azuras, Tiziana de Felici, Amadea Invidius, and Vasco Tessitore appearing in order. The entries are narrated from the perspective of Cicero Gavar, and can take the forms of his musings, thoughts, memories, or, as is more common for the more general less personal ones, descriptions that may or may not have some of his opinions woven in. Entries may occasionally be tangential, minor, or involve information for characters that the entry is not about, and they often provide at least a glimpse into his world view.

The codex is split into two sections, Characters and Lore, and then is further divided into the sections below:



  • Culture
  • Factions
  • History
  • Locations
  • Magic
  • Gameplay